Are electric skateboards legal in The Netherlands?

Short: No, electric skateboards are not legal on the public roads in The Netherlands and Holland. This is because the electric skateboard is a motor-driven object and to use this on the public road you need a type approval and insurance (just like a car or scooter). You are allowed to use a electric skateboard in your own property and designated area’s. The Dutch Law says: A motorised skateboard = motor vehicle Motor vehicle = Type approval + Insurance (if no license plate a insurance plate is enough) Motor vehicle = Minimum of 16 years old No Type Approval = Object can be confiscated  (and is not allowed to get a insurance) If it’s your lucky day and the board don’t get confiscated you do risk a fine for not showing proof of insurance (€90) and using motor vehicle without insurance (€360). There is a Dutch article written by Rijksoverheid and from the Openbaar Ministerie that will tell you more about hoverboards, this also applies to electric skateboards. We as a company and electric skateboard enthousiasts are constantly trying to legalise the electric skateboard and we need your help with that. If you decide to ride please do this with a helmet, pads and don’t do anything foolish. One mistake and the boards can be banned for life. Got any feedback? Write them in the comments! Picture Credit

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