Boostedboard mini; first impression

We got invited by Boostedboards and a Dutch skateboard shop to come and test out their new Boostedboard Mini S. Sadly we had to do the review at a indoor skatepark so we could not test it in a day to day situation or could we test it on long tracks.

The looks:
When I first got the board it felt really stiff and heavy. Although it’s meant to be a easy to carry-on board it does not includes a handle for easy lifting. Boostedboard calls the deck a Deep Dish Deck (insert small trademark icon), although it’s just a concave deck that is slightly deeper and wider. Boosted told me that they started producing their own wheels which should make it easier to change them. I think that this is not the case because the pulley is now integrated in the wheels, so if you wear them out you have to change the wheels also.

How it handles:
I had no difficulties getting used to the kicktail. Although I use my other electric penny board in our warehouse this one felt different, more easy. You can cut corners fast with the narrow trunks and kicktail, I am not sure how Boosted did this but it’s defiantly way better then their competition. I am not sure if this is the same on the Boostedboard V1 and V2 but when you keep on pushing the breaks it goes in reverse. And with the 2x 1000W beltdrive you can actually drift with this mode. I am not sure if going straight into reverse is the best thing to do when outside (with sand slippery roads) but time will tell.

The Technical Jibba-Jabba:
Range: Go up to 14 miles with the extended range battery. 7 miles with the standard battery. Top Speed: top speed of 18 mph Hill Climbing: 20% Ride Modes: 3 ride modes Wheels: Boosted Lunar 80mm Deck: Deep Dish composite deck Braking: Regenerative and reliable Remote: Default Boosted remote

Would we recommend it:
Yes, and I can’t wait to get one myself.

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