Building partnerships in china – Week 1

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Putri Reeb (3rd year student, Communication) and Evert Nieuweboer (3rd year student, Logistics Management) and we are currently studying at the University of Amsterdam. We have both chosen to register ourselves for the minor program Building Partnerships in China. For this minor program Putri and I will go to China for a month, were we will be searching for The Next Big Thing In Electric Mobility Products. We have asked Fatdaddy to be our commission organisation for whom we will be doing our research on latest products in electric mobility. We will be based in Shanghai at the 10th of May and We will present our findings to Fatdaddy when we will be back in Amsterdam in June.

However, Putri and I are not the only students who have applied for this minor. Along with 9 other teams we will be preparing ourselves for 14 weeks before we board the plane to Shanghai. Each team of two students has their own  commissioning organisation and together we will first gain knowledge about the Chinese market, the Chinese culture, the Chinese language, the Chinese customs and the geography of the country.

Learning about the Chinese culture.

The first week of the minor period is just finished. In this first week we started learning about the Chinese culture and we have made a first start in learning the Chinese language. We have also made a short video in which Putri and I tell about what the upcoming period is going to look like, and what we will do for FatDaddy. This includes the result and process oriented objectives. This is the basis for our research.

Putri and Evert

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