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måndag, 30 september 2019 / Published in Onewheel
The Florida Float Brothers are know for their easy to understand explanations about using the Onewheel XR. This time they are teaching us how to ‘bonk’. Bonking your Onewheel is basically bouncing the Onewheel of a ledge or object so you get airtime. As Zach says in their video, it’s easier than you might think.
fredag, 27 september 2019 / Published in e-scooters
Started in San Fransisco, Spin is now taking over Washington D.C. with their electric scooter sharing platform. The company decided to build the hubs to contribute to more orderly sidewalks and public areas, according to a press release. Spin Hubs will also provide a centralized place to store the escooters and help avoid traffic clutter.
onsdag, 25 september 2019 / Published in Community
With the approval of micromobility by the Ministry of Transport, cities will be able to apply the new circulation rules for electric skateboards, electric scooters and other small forms of electric transportation. The new so-called 2019 Budget law allows cities to make their own rules on how to handle small electric mobility. The can be
söndag, 22 september 2019 / Published in Podcast
For the sixth episode of The Fatdaddy Podcast, we have a different kind of episode. We had Jason over at our hotel in Paris during the Electric Skateboard Cup. We spontaneously decided to start recording our conversation. Because of this we only had our camcorder and not our usual Podcast gear. The Fatdaddy Podcast invites
tisdag, 03 september 2019 / Published in eBikes
Your electric bike will wear at different rates depending on how much you use it. If you do much greater mileage than average on your electric bike you may find that you have to replace or service components more often. The timings below are purely a guide. The items marked with a ‘B’ you should
fredag, 23 augusti 2019 / Published in Podcast
For the 5th episode of The Fatdaddy Podcast, we sat down with Daniel and Robin from LAZYROLLING during the electric skateboard cup in Paris. They share how they got started with a Indiegogo campaign, their current range of protective esk8 products and some hints at future products.. Check out the Armored Hoodie. LAZYROLLING: The
fredag, 16 augusti 2019 / Published in Community, How-To
We know a lot of you are wondering, ‘How easy is it to ride Onewheel Pint and can do it?’. The fact is, everybody can pick it up in a few minutes with a little instruction. Future Motion set out to find a first time rider to capture what that learning experience is like to