First impressions: The Linky foldable skateboard

I am in love. With the Linky that is.. This first European foldable electric skateboard with a impressive range of 18KM, a top speed of 30 KM/H, and the best part? It fits in my backpack!

When I first opened the box and took out the backpack I was amazed. A full equipped electric skateboard fits in this? How!?

After some trouble unfolding the board (my own mistake, I did not read the manual) I had a unfolded and ready to go electric skateboard, paired the remote and took off. First thing I noticed is that belt motor on the front this is kind of a odd place to put your motor but seeing the design and that this is a first design I was ok with it.

The ride is smooth and perfect for carving. Although I needed some time to get used to the frond mounted motor (especially with curves) I had a overall nice ride.

The possibilities of the Linky gave us the chance to make our biggest video review ever. Stay tuned to our social media to be the first to see it.

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