Onewheel Pint is the new affordable and easier ride in a smaller package

Future Motion has just revealed their latest addition to the Onewheel product line. Introducing the Onewheel Pint: affordable, smaller and gentler to ride on for beginners.

Past Onewheel product updates focussed on getting more range, speed and power. The Pint takes things in a different direction for Future Motion, focussing more on the everyday commuter.

This means it comes in a more friendly size. At just 27 inches, the Pint fits better in your everyday life. Take it on the bus, set it next to you at the coffee shop or stash it under your desk at work.

Designed to be more user friendly

New riders will be introduced to a more friendly way of stopping. With a new feature called Simplestop, dismounting is done by tilting the Onewheel instead of a tricky heel-raise move.

Another feature that the older models lacked is an easy way to carry them around. And if you did, they were heavy. By including a fold-out magnetic handle on the side, you can easily take the Pint with you.

“This little ripper hits the sweet spot between price, performance, and practicality”

The catch

If your coming from a Onewheel+ or XR, not everything will feel like a upgrade. Due to the small size of the Pint, the range and speed take a performance hit.

You get 10 to 13km range at 26 km/h on a single charge. Luckily charging the Pint takes 120 minutes on the included charger. With a optional fast charger getting you to a full charge in 50 minutes. It’s clear that the Pint is build for work commutes and city life.

Watch the introduction trailer here.

Pe-order the Onewheel Pint at Fatdaddy.

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