Video: Our biggest (indoor) groupride so far

On the 5th of februari 2019 we organized a groupride on the biggest go-kart track of Europe to gather the e-skate community and to promote legalization of the use of small electric vehicles.

The day was a massive success and with more then a 100 active riders and amazing times lapses we can say that it was one of the biggest events we’ve ever held.

Besides the fun we had, we also generated a lot of online and offline coverage of the event to get attention on small electric vehicles. Dutch article here. And video reportage below: news coverage of indoor ESK8 groupride 2019

We also took a lot of pictures and we would love to share them with you, click here for the photo album on our Facebook.

We are currently in the process of setting up a new one, so keep a close eye on our Facebook and blog.

Missed the event? See the aftermovie below.

Electric Skateboards on a Go-Kart racetrack! | Fatdaddy

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