Update: China product hunting mission

Let me explain. As you might know I am in China with my co-intern Putri and we have just over four weeks to find the next big thing in electric mobility products. We are based in Shanghai at Dongua University where we are required to attend Chinese language lessons in the morning. However, the afternoon and evening we are free for appointments with Chinese suppliers.

We have been here for 12 days now and we have had 6 meetings so far. These meetings include current suppliers and potential new suppliers of Fatdaddy. Our first meeting with a potential new Supplier was with Colin, Co-founder of Yiimix, and he welcomed us to his factory where he gave us a tour.

Yiimix is a fairly young company with around 10 employees. These employees include management, engineers, designers, customer service and a sales department. At this moment Yiimix has two kinds of boards. The first one is a very ‘basic’ electric skateboards with a maple deck and a dual hub motor at the back. However, this board does have a changeable waterproof battery and build-in front lights.

The Second board is more innovative. It is a skateboard with just two wheels. One wheel in the front and one hub wheel at the back. This thing is out of this World! To be fair, it only does 15 km/h with a range of 20 km but the feeling can be described as snowboarding on asphalt. The smallest movement will change your course by a great deal.

Our Second meeting was with Doris of I-Wonder. I-Wonder is a current Supplier of FatDaddy and has over 20 employees. They have their own specialized engineers and product designers. These engineers and designer have been given there own little play area in the factory where they can test the latest techniques and innovation. This results into amazing quality skateboards. Doris have had said that I-Wonder was the first company with a bendable battery. This providers the user with an extremely comfortable ride. I am convinced that I-Wonder does produce one of the best Chinese electric skateboards. Their factory was very big, clean, well-organized and employed were provided with proper clothing. Overall the meeting with I-Wonder was an amazing experience!

While we’re talking about amazing experiences, Vans Park Series Shanghai! We were lucky enough to attend this great event with so many talented skateboarders. Once we were in we saw some amazing runs of multiple skaters and we even saw the legend Tony Hawk himself! (10 meter away… but who cares). Special shout out to Chichi Zhang for helping us getting into the media area. 

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