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Vince replaced his car with a Onewheel XR, and passed the 5000 km milestone

If you’re from West Europe and into electric skateboarding, you probably heard about Vince Vaughn. At the age of 28, Vince is setting the bar when it comes to grinding out distance on the Onewheel in the Netherlands. Last week Vince hit a new record: 5000 KM (3.106 miles) on his customized Onewheel XR.

We sat down with Vince to talk about his remarkable record.

First steps with electric skateboarding

Vince’s interest in this way of transport began at the age of 11 when he started snowboarding. “It was always a dream for me to be able to board from point a to b and back. This just wasn’t possible with snowboarding, because you can’t get far up the mountain.” This later developed in an interest for inline skating, street hockey, and seaside surfing.

His first steps with electric skateboarding started with a Koowheel. “At first I thought that was nice, but soon I had several problems with it. They kept returning. I did get a taste for the feeling and freedom that you have with such a board.”

This taste motivated Vince to invest in a premium board, where he found himself choosing between a Evolve GTX and the Onewheel XR. “I chose the Onewheel because it came even closer to the snowboard feel. And I have never regretted it. Just hop on and go everywhere. Not changing your wheels, no belts breaking, almost no driving noise. Whatever comes your way, the Onewheel floats over it. And that was the best choice ever!”

Adapting the Onewheel into his lifestyle

Since then Vince has been driving his Onewheel daily. Which is also his secret to having the most mileage in the Netherlands. “I do everything on it: shopping, going to work, and I go to most group rides in the area. Because driving with a group remains the most fun. I can’t go a day without standing on it. I actually only use my car to go to group rides or if it’s a trip I really can’t do on the Onewheel.”

When you take a look at the global ranks, Vince still holds his ground taking the 20th place on the leaderboard for milage. We asked if he ever reached out to others on the leaderboard: “Not necessarily from the rankings but I keep in touch through the Onewheel owner’s group and via other Onewheel groups on Facebook, it is a really cool community.”

Thoughts on the future

What would be his perfect Onewheel if anything was possible? “A Onewheel Hoover XR with unlimited range and a deep concave pad at the front sensor. Or an XR model with more range and a concave front sensor and slightly better torque/speed for off-road rides”

Even with all his Onewheel experience, Vince still keeps an eye out for developments from other electric skateboarding brands: I follow most famous brands but I don’t expect that they will come up with something that is totally new that would surprise me. There is no other board that attracts me more than the Onewheel at the moment. A real hover board would change that of course…

Vince’s customized Onewheel

Vince customized his Onewheel with a large number of accessories and modifications to make it the perfect ride. It was so much we will show it in a separate post later!

Follow Vince on Instagram: @vincevaughn and Youtube.

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