Why an electric bike is the ideal way of transportation in Amsterdam

The numbers aren’t lying. The last 20 years the usage of bikes in Amsterdam grew with more than 40% resulting in a total of 880.000 bikes (that’s 3x the amount of cars in Amsterdam). The number of tourists using electric bikes to visit places outside of Amsterdam is also growing fast. Making a trip to the beach much more fun and relaxing, as opposed to the crowded trains and trams. Having a electric bike in Amsterdam that can help you go to your destination faster and without a sweat is a great extra.

But what makes these new electric bikes so great? I devoted this short blogpost about that.

Electric bikes make you go faster.

The regulated speed of an electric bike is set to a maximum of 25 km/h (around 15.5 mph) by the government. Do you want your electric bike to go faster you need to put a license plate on it. This is relatively easy and if you don’t want to go through the paperwork we can help you with that! With these added speeds you will reach your destinations twice as fast as a regular bike!

Range is becoming less of a problem

You can easily go 50 km on a single charge. This is all the way from Amsterdam to Utrecht (with some detours). Amsterdam itself is only 8km wide, so you can go for days on a single charge. After you depleted the battery you can just take the battery out and recharge it safely in your hotel in a few hours. If your renting your e-bike with us and want a fresh battery immediately we will even come by to bring you a freshly charged one.

Peddling is easier

Don’t you hate it when you are running late for an appointment and you need to push twice as hard to go a little bit faster? That’s not the case with an electric bike. Most electric bikes (the limited to 25 km/h ones) are speed pedelec. This mean that a small sensor notices when you are pushing and will assist you. Take those canal bridges with ease! Breaking is also safer, as it will detect that you are breaking and will slow down the engines.

Riding an electric bike in Amsterdam is just pure joy, you blast off at the traffic lights and shoot past the other bikers. Want to try an electric bike? Head over to our Amsterdam Flagship Store at the Vijzelgracht 7.

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