Why we love the Mellow Drive

Made in Germany with their dual in-wheel HUBmotors and a speed of 40 KM/H the Mellow Drive is by far our go-to electric skateboard. But what makes the Mellow the ideal drive? Personally I like the overall design and the 4 riding modes. But the stunning 12-15KM range and easy swappable battery are nice features. And best feature the Drive and Remote are both IP65 waterproof. In this blog post i’ll try to highlight the features that make the Mellow not only unique but also the last electric skateboard you’ll ever need.

The Motors

Fully custom-designed and compact, the Drive’s main muscles transform power to pure thrust with high efficiency. Mellow’s dual in-wheel ‘hubs’ have comparably higher torque per weight, sending you on speeds up to 40 km/h (24.8 mph). Next to that it’s also one of the few IP65 waterproof setups. The Drive has no belts or gears allowing you to roll free like a normal skateboard as well.

The Frame

The Mellow Drive exoskeleton is cast magnesium and is not only extremely light but also very durable. With it’s standard 6-hole-truck it can be mounted on any skateboard.

The Battery Pack

Mellow’s ultra durable Tesla-like batteries (the 18650 Lithium-ion cells) are being utilised by the industry for years. With a capacity for a stunning 15 KM range and swappable in seconds. The batterypack also doubles as a powerbank to charge your phone (that’s the reason we give those pesky TSA-agents to stop the questions.) and is air-travel approved.

The Wheels

High rebound urethane bonded to a heat-resistant plastic and aluminum core make the wheels interlock perfectly to the motors. You can swap the wheels in a matter of minutes and even one-handed – Unscrew, Change, Tighten and done!

The Remote

This is a feature that I like the most. Because the solid-state remote of the Mellow Drive gives precise control without accidental triggering your drive. Not only the drive is waterproof the remote is also IP65 waterproof and connected through encrypted Bluetooth. Tell us in the comments what your ideal board or drive is. We love to hear your favorites and why

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